Five Must-Have Accessories For Australian Farms Using Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks are a great way to collect and store rainwater for use on your farm. This is a more sustainable and economical way to water your crops than damming up streams and rivers. However, there are some accessories that can make the process of using your rainwater tank easier and more convenient. Here are five must-have accessories for Australian farms using rainwater tanks.  1. Smart Pumping Systems The most common issue with rainwater tanks is that they can easily become clogged up with leaves, insects and other debris.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in a Rainwater Tank for Your Home

If you don't already have a rainwater tank that can be used for collecting the rain that falls on and around your home, then you're missing out on a great opportunity. Even if you have never thought too seriously about installing a rainwater tank on your property, you'll probably want to do it soon after you consider the following reasons. They're Very Popular A lot of Australians have rainwater tanks. If you look around your neighbourhood, there is a good chance that several of your neighbours have rainwater tanks of some sort.

How to Transition Your Dog to a New Brand of Food

There are several good reasons to switch your dog to a new type of food. Perhaps you have found a less expensive but equally high-quality alternative to your dog's current food, or supply issues have forced you to make the change. Maybe your dog is entering a new phase of life or has developed medical issues that require a different diet. No matter for what reason you want to make this transition, the following tips can help.

Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Rainwater Tanks

Many Australians waste water by watering the garden or flushing the toilet. Rainwater harvesting is a smart way to make huge savings in water bills. To make the most of your rainwater harvesting efforts, you should select an appropriate water tank. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a rainwater tank. Tank Size It's recommended that you buy the largest tank possible for your household water requirements.

Accessories and Parts You Must Have for Your 4-In-1 Bucket

Do you want to get more productive on the farm? If yes, then you know the critical role played by having the right equipment on site. The lack of proper machinery often translates to high costs of production. You have to make up for the inadequacy by resorting to lots of manual labour, long labour hours and a general failure to make the most of your farm's acreage. The right type of equipment, such as a 4-in-1 bucket, will optimise your farm operations and save you lots of money.