Accessories and Parts You Must Have for Your 4-In-1 Bucket

Do you want to get more productive on the farm? If yes, then you know the critical role played by having the right equipment on site. The lack of proper machinery often translates to high costs of production. You have to make up for the inadequacy by resorting to lots of manual labour, long labour hours and a general failure to make the most of your farm's acreage. The right type of equipment, such as a 4-in-1 bucket, will optimise your farm operations and save you lots of money. You can use it as a dozer blade, a grab for moving material and a leveller. The following piece will teach you about accessories you need to get when you buy a 4-in-1 bucket:

Bolt-On Tooth Bars

A bolt tooth is an excellent addition to your 4-in-1 bucket. The tooth bar is designed for general-purpose use. It is your go-to option for grubbing out unwanted rocks and loosening hard soils pans. You will certainly need the tooth bars when preparing the land for planting to ensure that you have the right texture for your seeds. The width of your tooth bar will depend on the specific bucket that you have. The widths can be anything from forty-eight to seventy-five inches with a series of teeth running across the whole cross-section.

Reversible Cutting Edge

A 4-in-1 bucket comes with a stock fit front edge used for cutting. Protecting the lifetime of this edge is paramount for your equipment, and it would help if you kept it from potentially harmful situations. A reversible cutting edge you can bolt on to the original cutting edge is an option you should consider. It not only improves aesthetic appeal but also leaves a smoother finish that enhances the performance of the blade. Added protection and higher tensile strength are common benefits of the high-carbon steel used to make the bolt-on reversible blade.

One-Touch Operator Kits

One-touch operator kits are universal accessories that make things manageable when operating your loader. The kits come with a controller, link cables and pipes for handling third-function hydraulic equipment. They will help you move your loader through several angles when the tractor is running. Some of the features to look out for here include valve clamps that can accommodate heavy-duty loader arms and a diverter kit that you can operate both hydraulically and electrically. It is also judicious to mention your specific tractor model when getting these operator kits.