The Grass Isn't Always Greener - What Time Of Day Is Best To Mow The Lawn?

A lush, green lawn is the pride of any Australian home. The first thing visitors see is the beaming green aura that blinds your rival neighbours and the comfortable playground children are safe to fall over on. Tending to a paddock of grass, no matter how big or small, has weeded its way into an art form that can make or break the impression of an entire property. 

A Husqvarna lawn mower, the staple of every home's grass pruning ensemble, waits patiently in the garage as its owner contemplates what time fits into their day best to mow the lawn. They might not have given a second thought to what time of day is best for the lawn, though, and there really is a best and worst time of day to cut your grass.

Mow In The Morning? Maybe!

The go-getters of the world are no doubt keen to get the necessities out of the way early in the day, and that can certainly be the way to go in some cases. The weather is generally cooler and the grass will have all day to recover before the next night. The only time when you shouldn't mow in the morning is if your lawn is still wet or dewy. Wet grass is more susceptible to tearing rather than being cut cleanly, and this can place significant stress on the turf. Additionally, heavier lawnmowers can sink into the turf causing uneven cuts and furrowing. 

Mow In The Midday? No!

Midday means that the sun is at its peak and there's almost no respite for the grass below. Mowing the lawn during the middle of the day means exposing fresh cuts to the harsh direct sunlight which can promote malnourishment and stunted grass growth in patches. Mowing during the middle of the day should be an absolute last result, not to mention that it's going to be hot for the mower, too!

Mow In The Afternoon? Yes!

As the sun begins to sink to the west, prime lawn mowing time hits. The grass has endured its toughest period of the day and is now ready for pruning. The sun has done its job, drying the extra moisture from the grass leaving it easier to cut cleanly while the grass itself still has enough moisture to recuperate in the remaining hours of the day. The afternoon also leaves plenty of time for the grass to recover enough to stand up to the next day.

Mow In The Night? No!

This one goes out to all the forgetful handymen out there. Mowing the lawn at night is almost as bad as mowing it during the middle of the day. While the grass won't have to contend with the sun's harsh peak, it also won't be able to garner any nutrients from it until the next day. This can leave the lawn at the mercy of invasive fungi and diseases, particularly in wet environments.

It's Time To Mow!

Whether you're pushing your LC 18 around the front yard or cruising a ride-on mower around the paddock, when you do your cutting is critical to maintaining a healthy lawn.